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the AESG way, provides an indispensable energy management tool....delivering all the information you need in an engaging and easy to use format.  Energy is invisible, making it difficult to control.  Our energy management programme makes this otherwise invisible energy now visible and thereby manageable.











AESG uses a web-based, energy diagnostics tool to give you rich insights into your historical and daily energy consumption and the health of your power supply.  This can be compared over days, weeks, months or even several years.

The system will automatically aggregate your data together but at the click of a button you can isolate or compare individual meters.  This makes Analytics the ideal tool for understanding and comparing the consumption of different buildings, departments, floors and zones.





INTELLIGENT, FLEXIBLE & EASY TO USE.....Making energy information easy to access and simple to understand.  You can do a detailed energy analysis on any equipment, in any building, in any country, at any time.


Along with information on your energy consumption and what it has cost the environment in carbon emissions - for any selected period - our system will convert your energy data into a language that everybody understands - money!

You can also use the Energy tab to pick up trends and anomalies such as power surges that can lead to peak demand penalties.






Keeping YOU in control of your energy consumption.


















Now you don't have to settle for the vague 'one lump sum' information offered by your utility company.  Analytics enables you to see and understand the make up of your energy consumption so you know exactly what you are spending your money on and why - using the information to remove the waste and reduce your bill.




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