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Atlantic Energy Solutions Group Ltd. (AESG) was developed to help its clients save money
by, implementing energy solutions that integrate energy efficiency, demand-side management, and
renewable energy products, in a clearly defined period.


Founded on decades of accumulated experience in Utility Operations, Meter testing, Meter Service,
Electrical Engineering, Customer Service, Gas and Construction - AESG’s system approach can be implemented in a
modular fashion, or compliment existing remedies, with minimal interruption to your business or facility.

In addition to providing energy cost savings, our full-system approach also:


improves your facilities power quality and reliability

increases efficiency of electrical distribution system & plant equipment

reduces harmonic problems

extends life of motors and other sensitive equipment

reduces kwh consumption and demand

eliminates power factor penalties

increases electrical capacity

improves facility voltage

cools overheated lines and panels

reduces your carbon footprint

requires no user adjustment or specialised maintenance staff

real-time energy monitoring & control



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