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The AESG system can power a range of stunning Real-time Energy Displays.   These displays can be strategically positioned around your building to create awareness among all occupants as to how energy is being used and provide the incentive to change their behaviour because the benefits can be seen in real-time.










People are increasingly voting with their feet and demonstrating their preference to purchase products or services from companies who are seen to be green.  Public Displays are an outward demonstration to all - that as an organisation - you have made a corporate commitment to reduce your Carbon Footprint.







  • REVEAL the true, real-time performance of your renewable technology via a stunning and full animated interface
  • EDUCATE the people that use or visit your building on the benefits of your alternative energy generation
  • DISPLAY the unseen virtues of your renewable investment and boost your environmental profile
 All features can be customised to your target audience. In addition, you can install a Consumption Meter, which will enable you to see what proportion of your energy use is provided by renewables and exactly how much energy you are importing from or exporting to the grid.




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