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After an Initial Assessment of your general energy dynamics, the next step is to prepare an in-depth Energy Audit.  The key steps to this Engineering & Design Study process are:
  • Inspect and map the electrical distribution system
  • Operating data for all electrical loads in facility
  • Power Quality measurements obtained at various locations
  • Analysis of savings opportunities and selection and placement of appropriate energy conservation measures (ECMs) to provide cost-effective savings
  • Computer modeling to simulate system-wide performance with proposed ECMs

Based on this thorough analysis, AESG will prepare a project proposal including but, not limited to, detail on energy conservation measures, fixed price, and guaranteed annual savings

Understanding what portion of your bill derives from the LIGHTING, HVAC, REFRIGERATION, EQUIPMENT or RESISTIVE loads, enables you to invest in solutions understanding ultimately how they impact your bill.  This additional knowledge allows us to give predictable SAVINGS with well defined ROI periods - normally 2 - 3 years.



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